Naseberry and Sapodilla


Did you know that the Indians invented chewing gum? Best Jamaica said, Indians used sap from trees like that of the naseberry tree and mixed it with sugar to make chewing gum. It was quite a popular treat among the Indians in Mexico and the Caribbean. They called it “chuckle”. Thanks to Thomas Adams and John Curtis it was commercialised and made popular.

Naseberry is a very tasty treat, dark brown in colour and is sugary sweet when ripe. According to Eminen, naseberry have a lot of vitamins, mineral and antioxidants replenishes the skin and gives one a youthful glow. Sapodilla as it is also called, protects the skin against inflammation, irritation and blemishes.

On your next visit to Jamaica try some naseberry and bring some for a friend.

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St. Thomas Jamaica History and Secrets

St. Thomas Jamaica, is situated on the southeastern part of the island. It is often referred to as, ‘St. Thomas in the East’. It was the birth place for National Hero, Paul Bogle who lead the Morant Bay Rebellion in the parish capital, Morant Bay. The parish is very beautiful with luscious vegetation.

Bordering us is the majestic Blue Mountains that  stands as ten thousand foot soldiers guarding the parish from heavy wind lashes that hurricanes tend to bring to our shores. To our feet is the the warm Caribbean Sea is in all her blueness. She graciously washes our shore while her coat glistens to the shimers of the golden sunshine. The streams and rivers flow from the mountains through our  lands  to feed the ocean.

St. Thomas is a must see parish during your visit to Jamaica. Here are some of her secrets:

The Plantain Garden River

The only river the country that flows from west to east.

Reggae Falls

Golden Shores

Bath Fountain

These are natural springs with hot and cold water alike. A bath at the fountain is said to cause healing for various ailments. The water contains minerals such as; magnesium, sulfur and lime.

Surfing in Jamaica

Want to go hiking? Here is an option, Maroon Trail Cunha Cunha Pass,jamaica/Interesting,jamaica/Interesting

Hiking by the Reggae Falls

Wondering where to stay? Here are a few tips?

R and R Residential Gateaway awits you! Email or call +18764095552 or +187623756222
R and R Residential Gateaway awits you!
Email or call +18764095552 or +187623756222

Morant Bay Villa

Casa Lagoona

Three Finger Jack Hotel

Whispering Bamboo Cove

10 Things You May Not Know About Jamaica

  • Jamaica was ruled by the Spanish and the British.
  • It was once called ‘Xaymaca’ which means land of wood and water.
  • Jamaica is said to be the largest English speaking Caribbean country.
  • Jamaicans are bilingual; they speak English and Jamaican/Patois/Creole.
  • There are several mini- islands surrounding Jamaica. These are referred to as cays, some of which includes: Great Goat Island, Pedro Cays, Sandals Cay, Lime Cay and about 22 others.
  • It is slightly smaller than Connecticut in USA .
  • Jamaica is highly influencial through music, sports and culture in general.
  • Marcus Mosiah Garvey was a Jamaican. He influenced the transformation of the lives of African descendants globally. He was an examples to leaders such as; Martin Luther King Jr, Malcom X, Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama and the list goes on.
  • There as many people living in the diaspora as are living in the country.
  • Jamaica has strong Christian belief.     The national anthem is an actual.

Missing My Sweet Sweet Jamaica

I feel like Dorothy did in ‘Wizard of Oz’. I wish I could click the heels of my bright red shoes, “There is no place like home. There is no place like home…” Well, that didn’t work.

I guess I am going to have reminisce on the good times. What better way than through music Mr. Vegas Sweet Jamaica.

It did help but I am missing home even more. At least I smiling, ” sweet Jamaica woi… 🙂


Welcome to my first blog. My aim for creating this page is to cover news and reviews in the latest happenings in Jamaica and beyond. It will cover news in general, the performances of Jamaicans worldwide through education, sports, philanthropy, association, entertainment, recreation, fashion, you name it. So stay tune! Zeen!