10 Things You May Not Know About Jamaica

  • Jamaica was ruled by the Spanish and the British.
  • It was once called ‘Xaymaca’ which means land of wood and water.
  • Jamaica is said to be the largest English speaking Caribbean country.
  • Jamaicans are bilingual; they speak English and Jamaican/Patois/Creole.
  • There are several mini- islands surrounding Jamaica. These are referred to as cays, some of which includes: Great Goat Island, Pedro Cays, Sandals Cay, Lime Cay and about 22 others.
  • It is slightly smaller than Connecticut in USA .
  • Jamaica is highly influencial through music, sports and culture in general.
  • Marcus Mosiah Garvey was a Jamaican. He influenced the transformation of the lives of African descendants globally. He was an examples to leaders such as; Martin Luther King Jr, Malcom X, Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama and the list goes on.
  • There as many people living in the diaspora as are living in the country.
  • Jamaica has strong Christian belief.     The national anthem is an actual.

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