St. Thomas Jamaica History and Secrets

St. Thomas Jamaica, is situated on the southeastern part of the island. It is often referred to as, ‘St. Thomas in the East’. It was the birth place for National Hero, Paul Bogle who lead the Morant Bay Rebellion in the parish capital, Morant Bay. The parish is very beautiful with luscious vegetation.

Bordering us is the majestic Blue Mountains that  stands as ten thousand foot soldiers guarding the parish from heavy wind lashes that hurricanes tend to bring to our shores. To our feet is the the warm Caribbean Sea is in all her blueness. She graciously washes our shore while her coat glistens to the shimers of the golden sunshine. The streams and rivers flow from the mountains through our  lands  to feed the ocean.

St. Thomas is a must see parish during your visit to Jamaica. Here are some of her secrets:

The Plantain Garden River

The only river the country that flows from west to east.

Reggae Falls

Golden Shores

Bath Fountain

These are natural springs with hot and cold water alike. A bath at the fountain is said to cause healing for various ailments. The water contains minerals such as; magnesium, sulfur and lime.

Surfing in Jamaica

Want to go hiking? Here is an option, Maroon Trail Cunha Cunha Pass,jamaica/Interesting,jamaica/Interesting

Hiking by the Reggae Falls

Wondering where to stay? Here are a few tips?

R and R Residential Gateaway awits you! Email or call +18764095552 or +187623756222
R and R Residential Gateaway awits you!
Email or call +18764095552 or +187623756222

Morant Bay Villa

Casa Lagoona

Three Finger Jack Hotel

Whispering Bamboo Cove

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